Clinical Decision Support to Achieve Meaningful Use

PEPID’s leading clinical decision support information can be integrated into any EMR system – providing the data needed to improve efficiency, usability and medication safety while maximizing meaningful use reimbursements.

Get your system ready for meaningful use certification and reimbursements using the PEPID Knowledge Base.

Meaningful Use
Meaningful Use Criteria: PEPID Contains:
Implement drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks The most extensive drug interaction checker and drug-allergy checker on the market. Check for possible interactions between a patient's entire medication regime — including prescription, OTC, herbal, supplement or foods. The most powerful drug interaction checker available, PEPID provides a ranked listing of all possible interactions, and a description of each reaction. PEPID's drug-allergy checker allows healthcare professionals to cross reference a patient's food or drug allergies with their current list of medications and foods, and receive an alert if an allergy or sensitivity exists. Our drug-allergy checker identifies potential reactions based on the chemical makeup of a drug or nutrient, which detects sensitivities that may otherwise not be identified.
Implement drug-formulary checks The PEPID Knowledge Base supports drug-formulary checks.
Maintain an up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnoses Enhance your problem and diagnoses list by adding detailed monographs containing: assessment and disposition, including signs and symptoms, diagnostics and lab reference, emergency protocols and algorithms, patient education, discharge, follow up care and much more. PEPID's symptom checker allows your system to automatically find potential diagnosis based on a patient's symptoms, lab results or physical exam findings, simply by using our SDK and APIs to integrate this interactive tool.
Maintain an active medication list PEPID facilitates and supports the maintenance of an active medication list.
Maintain an active medication allergy list PEPID supports the maintenance of an active medication allergy list.
Calculate body mass index Body mass index is one of the hundreds of interactive calculators available for integration through the PEPID Knowledge Base.
Plot and display growth charts PEPID’s extensive clinical information supports the display of pediatric growth charts.
Enable a user to electronically compare two or more medication lists PEPID drug information supports medication reconciliation and allows a user to compare two or more medication lists.
Use CPOE for medication orders

PEPID facilitates CPOE for medication orders.

Our pre-built, validated order sets match how providers naturally order medications, and is designed to streamline and speed up the medication ordering process. Our drug information contains dosing ranges, dosing calculators, pediatric orders and patient education handouts.
Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (ePrescribe) The PEPID Knowledge Base contains the key information needed for ePrescribe functionality.
Implement automated CDS rules based on data elements included in: problem list, medication list and laboratory test results The PEPID Knowledge Base supports the use of CDS rules included in problem lists, medication lists and/or laboratory test results.
Identify and provide patient-specific education resources PEPID allows system developers to integrate our patient education handouts, allowing healthcare professionals to access, customize or print this vital information from within their normal workflow.
Vocabulary standards for representing electronic health information PEPID supports all code sets and nomenclature systems for problems, procedures and medications as outlined in meaningful use criteria.